Materials for the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

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Air travel depends on qualified air and ground personnel.  The competence, skill and training of these individuals is essential for a State's efficient and safe air operations.  One of the obligations of an ICAO contracting state is to establish a safety oversight system that includes a personnel licensing function.

As we work through this module, we will review some of ICAO's Standards and Recommended Practices for the licensing of flight crew members (pilots, flight engineers and flight navigators), air traffic controllers, aeronautical station operators, aircraft maintenance personnel and flight operations officers/flight dispatchers.  To do so, we will refer to Annex 1 (Personnel Licensing) of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.  We will also refer to ICAO Document 9379 (Manual of Procedures for Establishment and Management of a State's Personnel Licensing System).  

[These and other documents need to be a part of the technical reference library in your state's Personnel Licensing Office.  You will need to have access to these documents as you work through this module.]