This series of courses is not intended to prepare participants for pilot licensing; rather, they are intended to assist air cadets who wish to prepare for selection for a Flying Scholarship.

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This Meteorology Unit covers material that is important for a pilot. Pilots who are weather-wise can use their weather knowledge to select smooth and comfortable flying conditions – making flying much more fun and enjoyable. If you’re a glider pilot, your weather knowledge can mean the difference between a flight that lasts only a few minutes and “soaring forever”!
Pilots who have strong navigation skills are able to use their aircraft to take them places. This section will help you improve your skills, especially with respect to calculations and use of flight computers.

The main reason that we have the Canadian Aviation Regulations (the CARs) is to help keep aviation safe!  First and foremost, the CARs describe safe and efficient ways to conduct ourselves whether we are on the ground at aerodromes or in the air as the pilots who are responsible for the operation of aircraft.