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Operational Again!


This week, we can have another Grand Re-Opening for the website!! With a lot of hard work, I am thinking positively that our website whoas are behind us! Yeah! Your favourite features of our site including our programs, blog, cuesheets and the many other areas on the Capital Carousels Website are up and operational! Despite some of our downtime, I was able to build more content for the site including a Special Events page which will feature our Summer Caper and Capital Caper events. I have also added more events and flyers to our Coming Events section so be sure to check them out. Incidentally, our programs, cuesheets and flyers should appear on the page now in a downloadable format or print as you wish. One of our improved features of this website. Now all that is left is the dancing and about time I'd say!
I would like to thank all of you for your patience and support as we have gone through our trials and tribulations with this website. Thank you! A special SHOUTOUT to Arlo who has been instrumental in trying to find answers or being in touch with those who could provide answers. We all know he will be headed half way around the world tomorrow, and despite this, he has spent plenty of time on this with me this week. My thanks Arlo! You THE MAN!

Special Event This Spring!

PELTON 042 medium 72dpi file

Our 2015-2016 dance season will finish on a real high note this year! We are thrilled to announce that JL and Linda Pelton, round dance cuer/instructors and choreographers from Dallas, Texas will be with us, May 11 and 12!! With this special event, JL and Linda will be teaching two dances (one on Wednesday night and one on Thursday morning) which will be open for all of our Capital Carousel dancers on both days. This week, not included in our regular spring session fee, will be offered at a VERY special price of $5/person or $10/couple which will include BOTH DAYS! If you choose to attend just one day, it will be the same cost. Excellent value for an amazing experience! You won't want to miss out on this great opportunity!
JL and Linda's story starts when they met at a square dance convention in 2004. They continued to dance together at both square and round dance events, even having a square and round dance reception at their wedding in 2007! JL began cueing in 2008 and their lives continue to grow through their love of round dancing! You can read their full story through this biography link.
We are very pleased that the Peltons' will be combining some sightseeing and some dance experiences at Capital Carousels while they are here! We will keep you posted through our blog here and our club day announcements for details as they are released. Looking forward to your visit JL and Linda!

Thursday, May 12 will be our last day of teaches this season. Typically on our last dance day on Thursday, we have a luncheon afterward. Expecting a higher attendance this last day from both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers, we will be having a potluck at the church immediately following our dance day! What's not to like? We don't have far to travel for lunch and we get to sample many excellent dishes brought by our group members. We also get this special time together as a club and with our special guests, JL and Linda. This last week of dancing this season just gets better and better! Stay tuned!

Our Winter Session Has Started!


Our holiday break has now ended and we are thrilled to be moving on to our new winter dance session! By the looks on everyone's faces both Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, it seems that all of our members at Capital Carousels are glad to be back too. Thursday morning, we had a bit of snow squall on the way in to Parkdale and were glad to the many who made the trek in. We understand those who could not make it given the circumstances.
There was no rest for our dancers though as Pat and John got us right back into the learning curve with foxtrot teaches on both days. On Wednesday night, we started reviewing, "It's Always New To Me" phase 4 foxtrot by David Goss and Ulla Figwer. Thursday morning we started the classic phase 4 foxtrot, "Witchcraft" by Ken and Irene Slater. Both definitely good dances in their own rights. You will find the cuesheets for both of these dances in our set of links under "Dance Season".
As you get back into the swing of things on the dance floor, you may be interested in attending a local round dance in our area. You will have that opportunity on Feb 6 as EOSARDA holds their annual Frosty Fling. This dance, set up to encourage beginner dancers to be out and about to other venues apart from their own clubs features both a square and round dance hall. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time right at our club! You can see Ziggy if you would like to purchase and they will be $8/person in advance or $10/person at the door.
It might be cold (and getting colder) outside, but Capital Carousels is confident we can make up for it while you are on the dance floor. Come enjoy the company and the exercise you get dancing at Capital Carousels!

Dance Programs Now Available


The new year is here and our Winter Session is set to startup next week! Can't wait to see everyone and get back on the dance floor! Pat has released the programs for next week and are now available on our website. The website updates I send out will be different from what you are used to. I will no longer be providing direct links to the newest updated material because navigating our site is easier now than ever before! Our dance programs can be found under the Dance Season page at the top of every page. As you hover your mouse over the Dance Season link, the links inside that page will also appear (including Dance Programs). Click on that and it will take you to that page. Also the programs and flyers will all be specific files (PDF files) which can be printed off directly. No more jumping through hoops to get to that file. I think you are going to like that for sure!
With the new year comes the new winter session. Gavin will be on hand to sign you up for either our Winter Session fee or you can pay as you go. Our winter session fee is unchanged from the fall fee of $168/couple or $84/single. That works out to $7/person/dance. If you want to pay as you go the fee is unchanged at $10/person. We of course are happy to see you in whatever capacity you choose.
A tidbit of news for those of you unaware. The WOW Weekend in London has a change of host hotel this year. As many of you may know, the Airport Inn and Suites, their host hotel for many years were bought out by another hotel chain. With this change came an increase in room charges and so the WOW committee has negotiated with Fanshaw College for use of their rooms. The flyer on our website here, reflects the changes in the host hotel information. If you have any questions regarding the WOW Weekend or the accommodation, please contact Jerry Callen or Bob Beck. Their contact information is on the flyer.
How are things going for you so far with our new website? I have been getting some positive responses regarding the new design and ease of use. For anyone who may be trying to email me through the "Contact Me" link at the bottom of Home Page, we have been having some issues with that and Arlo is working with the web hosts to resolve this. In the meantime, if you wish to contact me, please feel free to reply to this email and I will get back to you.
Well that is about all I have for now. All that is left is the dancing! Have dance shoes-will travel! See you next week!

Capital Carousels New Website!


A new year is ahead of us and Capital Carousels is starting it off right with a new website! Due to some computer and software issues, I have had to shift our focus and develop our website with a new program. I am excited to be using RapidWeaver which has many similar characteristics of our previous website program along with some exciting new features! You can expect to get the same type of content you had access to on our previous website, and be able to find it easier. It is a new program for me, and there will be a learning curve of sorts, so please be patient with me as I develop the site. I am excited to be developing our website with RapidWeaver and look forward to another fantastic year on!